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All Saints Church History
by: Josephine Davies
Old black and white photo of the original All Saints Church in Dain City

The History of this little Church goes back to over 100 years.

The original church services were held in a one room school on Forks Road on land that was donated by Allan Scilly.

Services continued to be held in this one room until the bishop had requested the Holy Trinity Church from Wellandport be moved to Dain City, where it sat beside the old Public School until May of 1962.

With the growth of the congregation, it was evident the Church needed more land. Sisters Vi and Mae McClelland graciously donated crown land where the church is currently located. In October 1961, a new church was started.

In June 1962, the new Church was formally opened. Rev. J. Rogers presided as Rector with Bishop Bagnall in attendance.

The original church was sold to the Dutch on March 10, 1979. The church was then demolished.

All Saints Parish was active in the community. The church offered many different programs. As years went by the founding families were unable to support the programs and therefore, were not able to continue.

All Saints Church is trying to reach out to our community to let people know our church is for everyone. Sunday Services are being held but it’s important to let the community know that we wish to reach out to those who do not attend church regularly, and that All Saints will support anyone who comes to us.

Our Parish wishes to offer new and different programs to the people in hopes they will see themselves as part of All Saints community. Our doors are open to everyone.

It is our responsibility to the people to show them they are connected to a church that truly cares.

"The Church is the only society that exists for the benefit of those who are not its members."

William Temple - Archbishop of Canterbury (1942–1944)